Sweet dreams

8.02.2013 - 14:28 / norpatti.

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  1. bambu Kirjoittaa:

    Well, Milla might be missleading readers, including myself into thinking bambu as something of a glamorous french gentleman…
    this is what he really looks like

    antti: Bambu is very sorry for hitting on Milla during her dreams… he will try to behave from now on…

  2. norpatti Kirjoittaa:

    Well, I think now that I´ve seen that picture I´m defenately starting to have real nightmares… (ps. Yesterday we watched Stephen King´s “IT”. That doesn´t help at all!) :D

  3. bambu Kirjoittaa:

    Yop… this is normal reaction for plenty of people who meet bambu… but they usually are less than 6years old

  4. norpatti Kirjoittaa:

    I´m mentally 5 and half.

  5. bambu Kirjoittaa:

    “the walking dead” is k18 (what really? yeah really!) so it might explains a lot.
    but then again “the little house in the prairy” is also k18 in finland…
    well when you are done with your dvds you can return to capoeira… there might be groups closer to you… or then we should all come and join your boogywoogy lessons

    are made of this.

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